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(Deutsch) Etappe 44 – gesponsert von Gabrielle & André Zurkirchen 142 Km / 1’441


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2 Kommentare für “(Deutsch) Etappe 44 – gesponsert von Gabrielle & André Zurkirchen 142 Km / 1’441”

  1. Stephen

    Marcus and Andreas –
    Happy Sunday – One thing is very obvious. Your smiles are definitely getting bigger. WOW!!! The finish line and the “victory” will soon be yours. The real victory is what you have shared with each other and the rest of us; what you have learned and will share and teach; and most important, the indelible and incredible memories that will be with you for a lifetime. Well done and well deserved. I toast you. My thoughts and prayers continue with you on these last glorious, wonderful days of your intrepid journey.
    Sante and cheers, Stephen

    • redaktion

      Hi Stephen
      Your are so right! It is mentally a lot easier when you know there are only two stages left, than 40 plus :-)
      Even so every stage had its beauty and will be, as you said, a lifetime memory.
      All the best
      Andreas & Marcus

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