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Project EMC

Every Mile Counts – part 2

From the „North 2 the Rock“ 08/2016 – 10/2016

On October 14th 2012 we reached Santa Monica Pier, the end of Rout 66, after 32 daily stages. We started on September 9th 2012 in Boston.

That was the successful project ‘every mile counts’ , which not only had the target to cross the US but also to collect money for ROKJ (goal: to support socio economically underprivileged children and teens in Zurich and the eastern part of Switzerland ).

The team wanted to raise CHF 50’000. By the end of their tour they had transferred CHF 124’000 to ROKJ which was way beyond their expectations.

After 4 years we begin a new adventure of ‘Each Mile counts’. This time with a smaller team but with a higher and a more ambitious athletic goal.

Why Part 2?

Markus Niessl and Andreas Isler both turned 50 in 2014. Therefore they have decided to gift themselves a greater cycling challenge.

ROKJ is still in need of money for kinds & teens (Andreas is still a vice president of ROKJ).

They want to continue to build on this proven strategy.
How is every mile counts –part 2 going to look like?
The two cyclists Marcus Niessl and Andreas Isler will begin their journey on August 1st 2016 from the North Cape (Norway, most northern point of Europe).
During their 2-month journey to Gibraltar they will be accompanied by a support vehicle. (driven by family members and friends).

The journey takes them along the west coast of Norway to Bergen. From there they proceed by ferry to the most northern point of Scotland (Giles) followed by a north-south-cycle of Scotland and England to Southhampton.

From Le Havre they continue steadily along the west coast of France, Spain and Portugal to Gibraltar (after a photo stop in Tarifa LINK) the southernmost city of Europe. That’s the goal which they are hoping to achieve by the end of October 2016.
Their journey is being tracked on their blog which you can follow anytime.

Their individual goal during their two-month sabbatical is to achieve 8’000 km and their team goal is to achieve a minimum of CHF 50’000 in favor of the project – Rotary for Kids and Teens.

The year 2015 is going to be the year of promotion on the following platforms where we will be continuously informing you on our progress: Rotary, Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter you will be informed on the information explained above.
Testimonials shall be involved and we would like to gain new partners.

The media appearances and project presentations are planned for 2016.

The participants will be covering all costs incurred (flights, accommodation, vehicles, meals eg) themselves or by sponsors.
Therefore we assure you that no subtractions will be made from any donation.

How and what can you donate?

You have the option of either donating a fixed amount or to make a donation per stage, ex. You could donate CHF 1.– per accomplished Kilometer which can be followed on their homepage.

Stages done by ferry or support vehicle won’t count towards the donations.

Donations are tax deductible with a donate certificate which will be issued upon request.

Last but not least:

At this point the 2 cyclists would like to thank their families and business colleagues for all the support during the 9 weeks of their leave. Without them it simply wouldn’t be possible!